A daunting subject in itself, let alone in covid time. 
I, for one never completed the job.
Have I been asked ? Yes. Four times actually. 
My breaking moment was when I was faced with the reality of it. 
Trying on a dress. A big white pouffy long dress.
Undoubtedly that was when I knew I could never ever walk into a church with 450 guests staring at me. I felt ridiculous and disguised. I walked away and never turned back. 
Nevertheless I adore brides. 
I love being part of the whole process.
The hair, the guests, what to wear.
Simply fascinated and enthralled by it all, the codes, the ceremonial. 
Knowing I will never do it makes me its biggest fan. 
My idea of a wedding is a pearly grey biased silk dress with a stole fur and one statement jewelry piece, possibly diamonds. 
An intimate but utterly chic small thing. 
What can I tell you ? White is not my color.
But to this day i am still obsessed with my lovely brides. 
Although I do think that nowadays the best brides should be understated and just down with their own style. This year seems to collude with my idea of a down to earth albeit chic ensemble.
Tie the knot in your own style. 
As I am writing to you I do have some regrets (only clothes-wise though) but hope I will get to wear my own bridal style someday. 

In the meantime Generations will be there to help you with one-of-a-kind outfits not only for your big day but also for your rehearsal dinner, or your bridesmaid outfit.